New products for 2010 from Hoodman USA

All the XDCAM overcranking you want…

Three updates give our Hoodman RAW SxSxSDHC adapters all the overcranking you want. Hoodman’s RAW SxSxSDHC alternative memory adapters for Sony EX SxS applications have new controller technology that allow unlimited overcranking. Hoodman’s RAW SDHC 32 GB, speed class 10, SDHC memory cards can be used in the new SxSxSDHC adapter for overcrank all day long. And Sony’s new Firmware upgrade for XDCAM is the third element for unlimited overcranking.

Sony XDCAM Fireware Upgrade links for Sony EX1, EX1R, EX3:

Combine all three elements and your Sony EX camcorders will perform flawlessly at all speeds without the cost of SxS cards. New RAW SxSxSDHC adapters have been shipping since January 2010. New RAW 32 GB SDHC speed class 10 memory cards begin shipping April 11th.

Cinema Kit Pro by Hoodman

Hoodman adds a smart hot shoe mount for those using the HoodLoupe 3.0 during DSLR video recording. The new mount is called the HoodCrane. HoodCrane is available with the Cinema Kit Pro which includes our HoodLoupe 3.0, HoodMAG — a new magnifying video eyecup for the Hood-Loupe 3.0, and the HoodCrane. If you already have the HoodLoupe 3.0 you can pick up the HoodCrane and HoodMAG separately.

HoodCrane swings up and pivots out of the way for shared LCD viewing or still shooting. Hood-Crane and the Cinema Kit Pro will begin shipping in early May 2010.

Frame relief for photographers who wear glasses

It is a tiresome story for sports/action/wildlife photographers… glasses on, glasses off…adjust the diopter in the camera to correct for your shooting eye prescription, but then your tracking eye can’t see. Look up from your camera and your shooting eye can’t see.

Hoodman Titanium PhotoFrames are glasses built for photographers. Each lens moves independently so that you can move lens up for shooting eye and leave lens down for tracking eye. Titanium memory wire technology makes PhotoFrames strong and durable. Comfortable wrap around ear pieces ensure PhotoFrames ride securely with photographers through action sequences. PhotoFrames come with clear glass templates installed to guide your Optometrist’s efforts for easy fitting of your prescription lenses.

Hoodman Titanium PhotoFrames are available at your photo dealer @ $199.99.

About Hoodman USA
Hoodman Corporation, based in Torrance, California for 23 years creates unique digital camera accessories that make photography easier. Some innovative Hoodman products include: Zero Failure RAW CompactFlash cards with life cycles of 10 to 50 times longer than their nearest competitor, glare fighting LCD loupes and universal right angle viewfinders. For more information, check out the Hoodman USA web site at or call (800) 818.3946.


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