Structure Changes at Polecam

London 20th Dec 2012 – Polecam is pleased to announce changes to the structure of the company, with immediate effect. To enable the company to expand its operations both here in Europe and around the globe a shareholding has been taken by ex Olympus MD and President Graeme Chapman.

Chapman, ex MD of Olympus UK and President of consumer business within Europe said “ Polecam is a unique company with fantastic products, Steffan Hewitt, the current owner has ambitious plans for the company and my joining will enable those plans to be realised.”

Hewitt has stepped down as MD to concentrate on product development and sales. Chapman takes over the role and has immediately formed a board comprising of himself, Hewitt and Jonathan Lewis of Reid and Co as FD.

The company recently announced the rights to global distribution for the Resolve Optics Z10-HDcf power zoom lens.

About Polecam

Polecam is the company today that has grown from the early days when extreme sports cameraman Steffan Hewitt designed and built the first Polecam rig for himself to use, and when others saw what it could achieve, they wanted one themselves.

Polecam’s attraction has always been a winning combination of portability, speed of rig/derig, adding production values without hassle, getting crane shots where no other crane could go, and getting right in to where the action is. Crane shots up a mountain, no problem. On a small boat, no problem. Tripod mounted or body harness – the only limit is your imagination.

Steffan has continued to develop and refine Polecam, never standing still, and today the company offers a wide choice of ways to own a rig, and also to allow larger and heavier cameras by way of new high tech heads. From the Polecam Starter Pack, an entry level configuration that will take a DSLR or Black Magic Design Cinema camera, right up to the full Polecam rig with 7th Heaven extended reach of 8m/26 feet, the range is all encompassing.

The company is also now a specialist supplier of a wide range of cameras, lenses, accessories, recorders, not to mention 3D heads, underwater add-ons as used at major aquatic sports events and now Polecam-mounted Extreme SloMo camera systems too.

Polecam will change the way you shoot and the way you think about shooting.


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