VizTools to Introduce ENG-Style DSLR Control Handgrip at NAB2012

Making their NAB debut, VizTools will showcase their brand-new
HandiZoom handgrip and control unit, delivering ENG-style zoom
lens control and hand-held video shooting for DSLR cameras.

Boston, MA – April 12, 2012 – VizTools (, developers of high-quality products and accessories for DSLR video, have announced their plan to unveil the HandiZoom™—a brand new combination handgrip and control unit—at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention, to be held in Las Vegas, NV from April 16-19, 2012, in the South Hall Start-Up Loft (booth number L100).

Designed for smooth zoom control and stable hand-held shooting, the HandiZoom is a unique device that delivers ENG-style video shooting for DSLR cameras. VizTools management will be on-site to discuss the new product as well as meet with potential manufacturing partners. “Our goal at VizTools is to develop products that provide better control for DSLR users shooting video,” says Roland Boucher, CEO VizTools. “DSLR cameras and lenses were originally designed for still photography, which can be problematic for DSLR video shoots. The HandiZoom’s unique design provides smooth zoom control, stable, hand-held shooting, with fingertip access to primary camera controls. We look forward to showcasing our unique offering for the first time at this year’s NAB. We are excited about the opportunity to discuss ways DSLR video users can open a whole new range of shooting options with HandiZoom.”

About the HandiZoom

Designed for DSLR video professionals, the HandiZoom combination zoom and camera control handgrip delivers ENG-style hand-held video shooting for DSLR videographers. HandiZoom’s inventive design and controls include an ergonomic handgrip for much-needed stability with hand-held video shots; a Motorized Zoom Lens Drive for smooth zoom control; and a host of features placing primary camera control functions at your fingertips.

HandiZoom Feature Highlights

  • Flexible Design: Developed for ENG-style hand-held shooting, the HandiZoom’s lightweight, yet sturdy design provides ultimate portability and flexibility for fast, steady shooting.
  • Tactile Handgrip: With primary controls at your fingertips, the HandiZoom Handgrip supplies critical stability for hand-held video shots, with easy access to primary camera controls for Zoom Speed and Direction; Record Start and Stop; Auto/Manual Iris and Set Iris; Fine Focus Magnification; Maximum Zoom Speed; Set Zoom Range at Lens Change; and Still Photo Shots.
  • Single-handed Balance: Presents the freedom to focus/adjust the lens with one hand, and comfortably grip and control the zoom and camera with the other.
  • See-saw Controller: Provides precise zoom speed and directional control from slow moving to rapid zoom effects.
  • Precise Fine Focus Magnification: For fine focus, the HandiZoom’s Magnify Button will increase image size to 5x, 10x—and back to normal view.
  • Flexible Gear Drive for Lens Change: Includes an adjustable Gear Drive and Gear Straps that attach to each lens, simplifying DSLR lens changes.
  • Adjustable Zoom Max Speed Control: The HandiZoom’s adjustable zoom speed control allows users to set the maximum zoom speed to provide a zoom speed limit in any given shot.
  • 3rd Party LANC Support: The HandiZoom provides a built-in remote control connection compatible with 3rd party LANC protocol remote zoom control devices. This association allows for zoom and start/stop control functionality from any compatible LANC remote control device.

For more information about the HandiZoom, including full product features and support, please visit:

About VizTools
VizTools develops innovative, high-quality products and accessories for DSLR video professionals. Founded by 40-year broadcast industry veteran and consultant Roland Boucher, VizTools’ expertly designed solutions simplify and enhance the DSLR video production process from start to finish. For more information about VizTools and their offerings please visit:


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