Canon’s Next Cam — Photos from SFO SuperMeet, Pt. 2

300xf-bogaczAfter the San Francisco SuperMeet concluded, I stuck around for awhile, lurking about like The Guest Who Wouldn’t Leave (one of my finely crafted roles, in which I’ve built up a lot of experience). When the time came to pack away the glass cage, I asked Canon USA’s Joe Bogacz — pictured here to the left — if he wouldn’t mind modeling for me with the camera. I think he gives it a good sense of scale. It appears to be a bit larger than the XH series camcorder… at least, taller anyway. A few more photos, shown below, are quick snaps of the mock-up out from under the glass, prior to being locked up in its shipping case. Persistence pays off! I was happy to grab a few photos that would be free of reflections from shooting through glass (thanks, Joe).

600xf-offsideWhat’s underneath the panel on the body in back of the hand grip?

600xf-micremThe following shots explore the nose of the camera…

600xf-lcdobThe flip-out LCD panel is shown here in stored position, tucked away under the nose. Is that a controls lock slide switch on the side of the handle, just behind the strap attachment point?

600xf-offobThe large screws attaching the mic holder to the camera body are an idea borrowed from the XH G1S / A1S camcorders… but what is the function of the switch on the face of the handle’s front vertical upright?

600xf-toplcdA close-up view of the joystick controller on the top of the camera.

600xf-fronttopA top-down view. Some items are obvious, such as the smaller secondary zoom toggle, but there are a lot of buttons up here! Nice to see a thumb rest for right-handers.

600xf-handleLooks like a standard quarter-twenty threaded attachment point on top of the handle; a good place to mount an external monitor, among other things?

600xf-topobKind of an oblique top-down view. It’s interesting how what used to be the round power / command mode dial on previous XL and XH series camcorders now sits flush on the left side of the body. Has it become a non-functioning design element, or does it serve some sort of purpose?

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