Beholder iPhone Stabilizer

James Li of Team Rebel Design demonstrated his BEHOLDER Handheld SP iPhone, Galaxy phone and small camera stabilizer at NAB 2014.  It will retail for $350.00.  It uses rechargeable batteries that provide two hours of usage.  It is very easy to use.  The footage in this report was the operator’s first attempt to use it (iPhone 5s with a wide angle adapter).  This thing is one of the more amazing finds at NAB 2014.

Manufacturer’s Site: Team Rebel Design


About The Author

Steve Mims is a writer, director and cinematographer based in Austin, Texas whose award-winning films have screened widely in festivals, theatrically and on television. He is the winner of the Innocence Network’s 2012 Journalism Award for INCENDIARY: THE WILLINGHAM CASE, a documentary he co-produced and directed with Joe Bailey, Jr. Steve earned a Master of Arts in film production from the University of Texas at Austin and over the years has been a film lecturer there. He currently teaches RTF366K: Introduction to Narrative at UT. He also teaches through Austin FilmWorks. His feature film ARLO & JULIE (shot on the Canon C100) comes out in May, 2015.

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