EZ FX EZ Slider Dolly System

Our NAB reporting crew followed Craig Chartier back to the EZ-FX booth to check out some additions and improvements to their EZ-Slider Dolly System. Here’s my video report of Steve Bonin from EZ FX going over all of the features of the EZ Slider.

Details about the EZ-Slider from the manufacturer:

The EZ Slider camera dolly is specifically designed with versatility and simplicity in mind, allowing the end user to maximize their creative potential. It is not just another version of the same old thing. It combines the most practical industry features and options with some completely new ideas for a uniquely versatile camera dolly system unlike any other.

It has a proprietary wheel system machined from black polyurethane. The V shape design allows the EZ Slider to roll on tracks of various diameter while the flat edges allow for rolling on flat surfaces. Each of the 4 wheels include triple roller bearings for an ultra smooth performance.

One wheel is equipped with a hub gear for the option of motorizing and driving the dolly with electronic precision as well as creating two dimensional time lapse effects. Designed with cross product compatibility, an optional Motor/Driver Kit is available while the dual purposed electronics used on our EZ Jib systems can also drive the EZ-Slider.

For creating diagonal dolly shots, the EZ Slider utilizes a unique tilting camera platform that levels the camera angle while the wheels roll on inclines up to 52 degrees. For the steepest inclines and heavy cameras, a novel Pulley Cam Kit accessory will counter balance the camera for easy pushing or for motorized driving on inclines and also adding a new dimension to time lapse shooting.

DIY Track Kits are available for creating tracks of various lengths from commonly found materials and of various diameters. The Track Kits allow the placement of tracks flat or at an incline, on the floor or on standard industry stands such as C-Stands for Combo Stands. For price and quality, our recommended Combo Stand is the S025 from Norms Grip Studio Grip equipment. Mention the EZ Slider for a discount from Norms Studio.

A host of optional accessories are available for monitoring, safety and special applications.

The EZ Slider is compatible with all camera formats and sizes as well as all the industry standard head mounts. It is robust yet lightweight and portable making it uniquely qualified for today’s media production needs.

Manufacturer’s Site: EZ-FX EZ-Slider Dolly System


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