K-Tek Stingray

Brenda Klemme shows off the new K-Tek Stingray KSRA1 and KSRA2 audio bags to Craig Chartier for DV Info Net at NAB2014.

Here are the product descriptions mentioned in this interview:

The audio specialists at K-Tek have designed a range of bags from an audio-centric perspective. The K-Tek Stingray1 Audio Bag is ideal for small mixer/recorders like the Sound Devices’ 633 and the Zaxcom MAXX, and the Stingray2 is made for the Sound Devices 664. Both have a rigid ─ yet lightweight ─ interior frame that allows the bag to stand upright or sit on its side without collapsing, which gives the professional sound mixer a solid mobile workstation. The Stingrays allow for crucial connections to be made quickly; batteries to be managed easily, and media to be accessed promptly, because the design offers complete access from the top, zippered sides and a bottom trapdoor. The underside has a rigid polyurethane plate and rail-style feet to enhance stability. And the side openings are lined with separate pouches for extra storage.

These K-Tek audio bags can hold multiple wireless transmitters, NP-1 batteries, camera hops, headphones, cables, IFB, lavaliere microphones and even a slate ─ all the gear in one bag that a sound professional needs. With a rugged black fabric exterior and soft blue interior, Stingrays offer various carrying options and a detachable transparent rain cover as well as two universal neoprene pouches for wireless receivers.

The Stingray audio bag features a rigid internal frame that allows the bag to stand up on its own. The rigid construction protects the contents of the bag as well. The very front of The Stingray audio bag features a rigid exterior frame that allows the sound mixer to mount wireless receiver pouches or a battery distribution box on the outside of the bag. The KSRA1 Stingray audio bag is designed specifically around the Sound Devices 633 and Zaxcom MAXX. The KSRA2 Stingray audio bag is designed around the Sound Devices 664. The bag opens up completely on both sides to allow easy access to the side panels of both machines, as well as opening up on the bottom to allow access to the rear of the machines. It also features two retractable carrying handles, a removable clear cover for the top of the bag, and a shoulder strap.

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