Lumberjack System

Philip Hodgetts talks about Lumberjack System, his on-location, real-time logging  and pre-editing solution for FCP X editors at NAB2014.

Here are the product descriptions mentioned in this interview:

Lumberjack is designed for unscripted production where scene/shot/take do not apply. It enforces consistent keyword logging, that is customizable to the production and field updatable. Lumberjack is the perfect logging and pre-edit tool for Final Cut Pro X.

Lumberjack, via the Lumberyard app, can also create a pre-edit selects string-out, based on people, activites or other keywords. This replicates the routine work of an editor, producer or assistant where the selects are strung out into a timeline to start working an edit.

  • Capture at the source with push button ease: consistent keyword logging, field updatable, back-timeable
  • Gets the logging process started on-location as it happens
  • Transfer to FCP X with 100% data integrity: no paper notes to be misinterpreted, no retyping
  • Generate selects string-out(s) ready for review based on Person, Activity or Other Keyword.

Manufacturer’s Site: LumberJack System


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