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Perry Goldstein from MXL Mics (part of the Marshall Electronics Group) shows us what’s new in their booth at NAB2013. First, here’s Part One:

And next, Part Two:

Here are the product descriptions mentioned in this interview:

The MXL FR-310 video mic delivers sound that’s as focused as the video. Mount it onto your camcorder or DSLR camera, and you’ll cut to tighter, cleaner sound recordings. The FR-310 shuts out sound from the sides and back, with a pickup pattern that targets sound in front of the camera. Three gain settings pull in the right amount of sound in close-up or long shot situations, while a bass roll-off switch leaves low-frequency noise on the cutting-room floor. The integrated windscreen helps block wind noise, which aids in keeping your sound in the picture.

The MXL FR-500WK Professional Portable Wireless Audio System is designed for videographers conducting interviews or recording onscreen talent via an easily concealed lavalier microphone. The lavalier mic is used with the transmitter while the receiver can be mounted directly onto the hot shoe mount of a DSLR camera. The FR-500WK provides high sound quality in a compact, portable design, and it has a long transmission range – perfect for field work. The FR-500WK has a wide frequency response for accurate sound reproduction. The kit is comprised of the FR-500WT Transmitter and the FR-500WR.

Manufacturer’s Site: MXL Mics


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