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Joe Rubinstein is the founder and camera developer for Digital Bolex. On Sunday, he sat down with me and talked about the Digital Bolex D16: what inspired him, what he set out to accomplish, what challenges he faced… and what he and the rest of his team have come up with. Plus: beauty shots of cameras, what’s new here at NAB, and a brief look at some menus and functions.


Watch it on Vimeo (12 minutes 19 seconds).

I briefly held the D16: it has a comfortable heft, and with a Kish cine lens on the front it balances perfectly on its pistol grip. Build quality appears to be quite good.

About 80 cameras have shipped so far; more are in the pipeline.

Disclosure: There is no material connection between me and Digital Bolex, and I received no compensation or other considerations From Digital Bolex for this interview.


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