PostBox Systems RoguePro

Josh Minney demonstrates the RoguePro DIT Station from PostBox Systems at NAB 2014.

Here are the product descriptions mentioned in this interview:

PostBox merges the latest technologies in digital filmmaking with efficient design to build powerful workstations for the motion picture industry. By working closely with leaders in both the computer and film worlds we have created innovative products that use technology to unleash the creative process allowing for artists to focus on their work rather than their tools.

The PostBox Systems RoguePro has seen it all – from blockbuster 3D features shot on ARRIRAW and RED 6K to student films and commercials using 5D’s and GoPro’s. And whether you’re a DIT, colorist, editor, studio, or production house, your RoguePro will serve as your primary on set workstation for virtually every job imaginable. This is all due to our modular design and interchangeable components that allow you to tailor your Rogue for every shoot.

Interchangeable readers mean that you can easily handle multi-camera and multi-format file ingestion, including RED, ARRI, Sony, Canon, Phantom, BlackMagic, GoPro. With up to 28 Terabytes of internal storage the Rogue is capable of storing footage for shoots lasting several weeks or months. Configurable with an 8-bay RAID with easily swappable 2.5” drives.

Manufacturer’s Site: PostBox Systems


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