One of the true joys of NAB happens a bit away from the big aisles and mega-booths from the industry giants. It’s the small innovative entrepreneurial folk who’ve turned a home grown idea into a product, and are trying to catch the attention of the hordes prowling the show. For me, one of these modest gems was the SquareBounce  (squarebounce.com). Developed by a young DP from Korea named Nori.

“Wire frame” pop-out reflectors are an industry staple, but Nori has a new spin. The units are rigged like an umbrella – but rather than round and curved they pop out completely flat and if you just need some quick fill in a scene, the handle forms a support so placed on the ground, you’ve got some nice sun fill in a hurry.

Will this change the industry? Nope. But it could make some young shooters shots in the new “light run and gun” era of production look a lot better with very little hassle.

With the products unique design, it supports the concept that we have to work with smaller crews and more and more as one person crew mode.

Priced just over $200 for a pair of units in your choice of reflective fabric, it’s the kind of small, easily and rapidly deployable problem solver that I love.

It’s finding practical stuff like this that makes NAB attendance such a joy.


About The Author

Bill Davis owns and operates NewVideo, a production studio in Scottsdale, Arizona focused on corporate video projects. During his 20 year career in the visual arts, he’s been in demand as a voice talent, videographer, script writer, and producer. He became one of the earliest adopters of Final Cut Pro in 1999, and spent a decade as a featured writer and Contributing Editor at Videomaker Magazine. He is also the creator of StartEditingNow! — a unique modern turnkey editing instruction curriculum that ships with professionally shot, fully rights-cleared “multi-track movie” content for classroom editing instruction in middle schools, high schools and universities.

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