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Pete Bauer

As he grew up along the Great Snowy Northern border of Minnesota, Pete Bauer’s innate passion for filmmaking and photography was evident very early. Although life took his professional pursuits in other directions, Pete never lost that passion. Since his retirement from the U.S. Air Force as a flight surgeon, his civilian practice of Aerospace Medicine in the Houston area has afforded him greater time and opportunities to re-ignite that old flame. Starting as a DV Info Net lurker in 2002, Pete quickly became a daily presence on the forum and has been one of the site’s stable of Wranglers and a DVi Contributing Editor since early 2004.

Post Production
A First Look At Adobe Premiere Pro CS5

Today, Adobe launched – meaning “officially announced” – the much anticipated CS5 version of their Creative Suite. At their NAB booth, they indicated that it will actually be available in about a month. So what’s new? And is it worth opening your wallet to upgrade? Ultimately, of course, you’ll have to answer the second question based on the first. In this article, I’ll be sharing with you what I glimpsed during a fairly brief test drive of a prerelease Windows version of Premiere Pro CS5 that should give you a head start toward that big decision.