Adobe CS5.5 DVi Workshop: Dynamic Link

Pete Bauer guides you through a Adobe Dynamic Link in Adobe Creative Suite 5.5
(runs just under 15 min.)

In this video tutorial about Adobe Dynamic Link, Pete discusses:

  • What Adobe DL does for you and how it goes beyond import / copy-and-paste, and how it differs from “Edit Original…”
  • The basic data paths and work flows
  • Some additional tips and caveats, including a particular circumstance when DL may NOT be the right tool for the job

Pete Bauer of Contrail Media explains the basic procedures for working between Adobe CS5.5 applications such as After Effect and Premiere Pro, and then guides you through a sample Dynamic Link exercise moving sequences from one application to another. A quick review of the process is included at the end of Pete’s tutorial. In just about 15 minutes, this video tutorial covers the essential steps you’ll need to know in order to use Adobe Dynamic Link in Adobe Creative Suite 5.5.

Pete has also provided a companion tutorial article to this video workshop. It’s located on DV Info Net at Tutorial: A Dynamic Look at Adobe Dynamic Link.

You can learn more about Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 and other applications found within the Adobe Creative Suite CS5.5 edition (for both Mac and Windows systems) by visiting our online discussion forum, accessible by clicking the link below (which will open in a new browser tab or window):

Adobe Creative Suite Discussion Forum at DV Info Net

FTC 16 CFR 255 Disclaimer: This video workshop series is sponsored by Adobe.


About The Author

As he grew up along the Great Snowy Northern border of Minnesota, Pete Bauer’s innate passion for filmmaking and photography was evident very early. Although life took his professional pursuits in other directions, Pete never lost that passion. Since his retirement from the U.S. Air Force as a flight surgeon, his civilian practice of Aerospace Medicine in the Houston area has afforded him greater time and opportunities to re-ignite that old flame. Starting as a DV Info Net lurker in 2002, Pete quickly became a daily presence on the forum and has been one of the site’s stable of Wranglers and a DVi Contributing Editor since early 2004.

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