P+S Technik Mini35 and the JVC GY-HD100, Part Five

P+S Technik Mini35 and the JVC GY-HD100, Part Five:
HD Video Clips by Charles Papert, SOC

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Although the links to all of the video clips listed below are included in the article Part Two: The Shoot, they are indexed here as well for easy reference in the same order as they appear in the article. A little bit of text from the article is included below each frame for orientation. For a full explanation of what’s going on, be sure to read all of the copious details that are provided in Part Two: The Shoot. And remember these are video clips — they’ll look much better if you view them on an HDTV or EDTV display instead of your computer monitor!

File: A-flowerbed-Mini35.m2t
Run Time: 21 seconds
File Size: 51 megabytes

“Our first setup was to intended to demonstrate the effect of the Mini35.”

File: A-flowerbed-Fujinon.m2t
Run Time: 19 seconds
File Size: 46.6 megabytes

“We then recreated the setup with the Fujinon 16x video lens that is standard with the HD100.”

File: Rack-greenery-Mini35.m2t
Run Time: 24 seconds
File Size: 70 megabytes

“…a more exaggerated demonstration of the selective focus that is possible with the Mini35.”

File: Greenery-Fujinon.m2t
Run Time: 6 seconds
File Size: 15.8 megabytes

“…the Fujinon maintained focus from the foreground to the background, no racking available.”

File: A-R-walking-hands.m2t
Run Time: 23 seconds
File Size: 57.5 megabytes

“…you can see the background slowly drift into soft focus, again drawing your eye forward…”

File: R_closeup.m2t
Run Time: 13 seconds
File Size: 33 megabytes

“Now, have a look at the close-ups. These were taken on the 100mm lens…”

File: A-closeup.m2t
Run Time: 15 seconds
File Size: 36.5 megabytes

“…it’s quite a filmic image quality, but not overly sharp and tangy as some HD close-ups…”

File: Greenery-A-R.m2t
Run Time: 21 seconds
File Size: 52.8 megabytes

“This is a bonus clip which was not discussed in the article, but is provided here.”

File: Night_Walk_Left.m2t
Run Time: 13 seconds
File Size: 32.7 megabytes

“Finally, we did a magic hour shot… more challenging and gear-intensive.”

All video and images ©2005 by Charles Papert and may not be redistributed.

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Written by Charles Papert, SOC.
Thrown together by Chris Hurd.

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About The Author

Since this article was written, Charles Papert has moved on from Steadicam operating to working as a DP and director, with credits such as Key & Peele, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Teachers. Although he no longer dons the full size rig, he still will try on a small rig from time to time for nostalgia’s sake.

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