P+S Technik Mini35 and the JVC GY-HD100, Part Three

P+S Technik Mini35 and the JVC GY-HD100, Part Three:
Behind the Scenes by Charles Papert, SOC

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The images on this page are larger versions of the small photos from the two articles about the GY-HD100 and Mini35 combo, Part One: The Camera and Part Two: The Shoot, plus a few more extra “behind the scenes” shots that weren’t used directly in the articles. These were taken at Clairmont Camera in Los Angeles, and also the “Zen Garden” at Los Angeles Center Studios.

A “beauty shot” provided by P+S Technik.

The HD100 and Mini35 fully assembled at Clairmont Camera.

Another view of the rig, still at Clairmont.

Chas lounges in Video Village while Barry Green monitors the DV Rack.

Nate Weaver takes a turn at operating the HD100 and Mini35.

The view from the driver’s seat. Go ahead, take her for a spin!

Charles “Hopalong” Papert operates, despite crutches. Barry Green stands ready to administer First Aid. Nate Weaver pulls focus on the other side.

Since it’s all dressed up, we couldn’t resist another “hero” shot.

That’s a wrap. Thanks, guys! From left: Brad Littman (in back),
Nate Weaver, Barry Green and Charles Papert.

All images ©2005 by Charles Papert and may not be redistributed.

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Written by Charles Papert, SOC.
Thrown together by Chris Hurd.

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About The Author

Since this article was written, Charles Papert has moved on from Steadicam operating to working as a DP and director, with credits such as Key & Peele, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Teachers. Although he no longer dons the full size rig, he still will try on a small rig from time to time for nostalgia’s sake.

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