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How the bits and photons do their thing.

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RED Dawn, Part One: Ripping the Fabric of the Space – Time Continuum

Having had the privilege of meeting Jim Jannard early in the initial phase of the RED concept and getting a close look behind the scenes at RED Digital Cinema practically its start, I wanted to shed a little more light on the significance of the impact it’s going to make on the HD acquisition market as well as clear up a major misconception that has propagated online amid all the recent RED speculation flying around the internet.

Optical Science
The Ultimate Depth-of-Field Skinny

Arguably, more has been written about Depth of Field (DoF) on the DV Info Net Comunity than any other discussion topic. This is my attempt to provide the ultimate discourse and treatment of the subject. By posting all of the variables and examples in one place, novices and old hands can benefit and apply the newly gained knowledge in the field.