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Review: Lighting Passport spectrometers

Breakfast foods grow odder and odder: It’s a wise child that knows its own fodder.  — Ogden Nash, “Snap, Crackle, Pop” As with foods, so with lights: between LEDs, HMIs, plasmas, and fluorescents, it’s hard to know exactly what you’re…

First Look: Veydra 85mm T2.2 Mini Prime

Veydras are cine primes designed primarily for micro four thirds cameras, though they’re also available with C- and E-mounts. I tested prototypes of the first four lenses—16mm, 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm—in December 2014; customer shipments commenced in February 2015; the…

Optical Science
Moire: A Tale of Two Shirts

Two shirts, two different colors, exactly the same fabric… why does one moire and one not? The answer goes to the root of how single sensor cameras work… The CEO wanted to wear his company’s shirt during the interview. I…

Optical Science
Some Things I Know About Filters

On heels of my recent article/brain dump on lenses, here are some thoughts on filters: why they’re good, when they’re bad, and why digital filters never look the same. Filters never add, they always subtract. For example, a warming filter…

Optical Science
Some Things I Know About Lenses

I don’t know a ton about lenses. I’ve always focused on cameras and film technology, but I’m slowly building a library of information in my head—partially from what I’ve learned over history, and partially from new experience. Here’s a short…

Optical Science
A Short History of Camera Color

Color is something that has fascinated me for a long time.This is what I’ve noticed about trends in cameras over the years. When I started out in this business as a camera assistant every film stock had a signature. Companies…

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