NAB2009 Stereoscopic 3D Wrap-Up

This year’s NAB conference in Las Vegas showcased the art of stereoscopic 3D (aka S3D) in a big way.  Attendees were treated to expositions of the tools required for S3D production, post-production and distribution.  There were still the usual tech demos from companies like Sony & Panasonic but most of products reviewed below are available now to rent or purchase.

3D Stereoscopic Acquisition:

Panasonic 3D Concept Camcorder

Panasonic 3D Concept Camcorder

3D Concept Camera & Mobile P2 recorder

It kinda reminds me of Canon’s 3D XL lens concept for the XL1.

3D Film Factory split beam (3D-SB) and side-by-side (3D-SS Indie & Pro) rigs.

3ality TS-2 TS-3 & TS-4 camera rigs (training certificate program)

SI-3D compact 3D Camera rig

SI-3D linear rig small enough for a helmet

Silicon Imaging’s SI-3D camera system

Inition StereoBrain Processor

Inition StereoBrain Processor

Inition StereoBrain

Doremi GHX-3D

Cooke’s /i Intelligent protocol lenses for matching in 3D

Element Technica’s Beamsplitter & side by side rigs with CMotion‘s synchronized 3D follow focus units.

CMotions Wireless lens control system

CMotion's Wireless lens control system

Binocle Disparity Killer: uncorrected (left) and corrected (right) images

Binocle Disparity Killer: uncorrected (left) and corrected (right) images

Binocle 3D stereoscopic correction software (angeniuex booth with 3D live rig)


Transvideo 3D Anaglyph MonitorTransvideo CineMonitorHD 3DView Anaglyph HD monitor in three sizes.

Hyundai S465D

Hyundai S465D

JVC GD-463D10

JVC GD-463D10

Hyundai (S465D) & JVC (GD-463D10) 3D displays most common at show. Both circularly polarized 46”.

Philips shuts down 3DTV division

SpatialView ships Wazabee 3DShell (wasn’t at show) 13.3 Macbook version (3DeeFlector) coming soon.

SpatialViews AUto-Stereoscopic 3DeeShell for iphone

SpatialView's Auto-Stereoscopic 3DeeShell for iphone


Miranda Kaleido X16

Miranda Kaleido X16

Miranda Multi-viewer Kaleido-X16

Spatial View & Quantel

Cineform’s Neo3D (my footage demoed)

Avid Media Composer v3.5 (over-under and checkerboard)


Clipster software for DCI mastering of 3D projects

Color-Code 3D giant screen

Next3D 3D Movie Player coming to Mac & PS3 (beta for Xbox360 available now)

3D@Home consortium 1 year old

SMPTE 3D Home Content Master Requirements @ Digital Cinema Summit


About The Author

Tim Dashwood is the founder of Dashwood Cinema Solutions, a stereoscopic research, development and consultancy division of his Toronto-based production company Stereo3D Unlimited. Dashwood is an accomplished director, cinematographer and stereographer and a member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers. His diverse range of credits include music videos, commercials, feature films and 3D productions for Fashion Week, CMT, Discovery Channel and the National Film Board of Canada. He also consults on and previsualizes fight/stunt action scenes for productions such as Kick-Ass, Scott Pilgrim vs the World and Pacific Rim. Dashwood is the creator of the award winning Stereo3D Toolbox plugin suite and Stereo3D CAT calibration and analysis system.

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