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NAB 2016 Thoughts

Despite being a demo-dog for DSC Labs for most of NAB, I did manage to get around and see a few new toys and/or discuss things with those who did. Herewith, a slightly disjointed tour of timely topics, plus some…

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A Preview of Canon Expo 2015

Canon’s quinquennial conference convenes in New York on Sep. 10th & 11th 2015. “This September, the best of Canon will come together for one immersive experience in the heart of New York City. This two-day exhibition will feature Canon innovations…

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NAB 2015: Odds ‘n’ Ends

Just a few bits ‘n’ pieces I saw at NAB, in between working a booth and running to meetings… This is as close as I ever got to this Canon XC10, an oddball little camera that drew crowds in inverse…

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NAB 2014: Sony, Sunday Night

Every Sunday before the show opens, Sony has a booth tour for VIPs. The Sony folks kindly allow me to tag along, as long as I don’t publish before 9am Monday morning. Herewith, some (only some) of the cool stuff…

Show Reports
NAB Saturday Setup

Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s… 1987? These iconic letters, seen on the journey to the show, are also the initials of the The Silver Valley High School in Yermo, CA, about 130 miles southwest of Las Vegas. (Apologies to…

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HPA Tech Retreat 2014: What Just Happened?

The annual HPA Tech Retreat is over; here’s my quick summary of trends that stood out, as well as a few interesting images. Chasing viewer engagement / sampling / metrics: Real-time social-media monitoring. Set-top boxes delivering customized ads. Live user-engagement…

Optical Science
HPA Tech Retreat 2014 – Day 5

The HPA Tech Retreat is an annual gathering where film and TV industry folks discuss all manner of technical and business issues. It’s the sort of conference where the chap next to you is cutting shows on his MacBook Air;…

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