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Canon DV / HDV
Some Canon GL2 Images

Some Canon GL2 Images submitted by Barry Goyette Clicking an image will open it in a new window at full-size (720×480). GL2: The neutral areas in the chart are actually blue-grey in color. PD150: The properly resolved line grouping is…

Sony DV / HDV
Tutorial: PD150 and PD170 Color Bars for Memory Sticks

I thought it would be neat to have a copy of the Full SMPTE Colorbars on the Sony Memory Stick. This would come in handy if and when my Calibar batteries die on location, and also nice to share with everyone that does not have a Calibar, but does own a PD150, VX2000, or other Memory Stick compatible camera.

Sony DV / HDV
CineTech Accessories for the PD150

Karl Horn of CineTech is highly regarded for his superbly crafted pro shooting accessories for the film and high-end video industries. After adapting his follow focus, matte box and Hip-Cam rigs for the Canon XL1S, he recently did the same for the Sony PD150. Here are some shots of his gear from the NAB 2002 tradeshow in Las Vegas.

Sony DV / HDV
PD150 Custom XLR Audio Mic Cable

If you own or are thinking of buying the Sony PD150, you’ll need a short XLR cable to plug the mic into the camcorder… and you will find that all pre-made store-bought short XLR cables use straight XLR connectors.

Camera Support
Enhancements for the SkyCrane

added 20 February 2002 Enhancements for the SkyCrane Mini-DV Camera Boom an article by Carroll F. Lam The SkyCrane is a great DV camera crane for DV videographers. I have been using one for nearly two years now. Based on…

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