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Chris Hurd

After completing my degree in Radio-Television-Film at the University of Texas, I managed a video production studio "back in the tape days" while waiting for the digital video revolution to arrive and for the internet to become mainstream. Things started to get interesting in November of 1997 when I launched The XL1 Watchdog, my first web site dedicated to digital video technology. In January of 2001, that site morphed into DV Info Net — the Digital Video Information Network. More than fifteen years later, the longevity of DV Info Net is exceeded now only by its popularity and reputation as one of the leading technology information resources in the broadcast and professional video markets.

CineForm Announces CineDDR

CineForm has launched a new product family called CineDDR. Developed in partnership with Drastic Technologies, CineDDR provides direct-to-disk recording of HD video sources as an alternative to tape-based recording whose workflows are common for feature film and television post production.…

Canon develops new Hybrid IS technology

NEW CANON HYBRID IS WORLD’S FIRST IMAGE STABILIZER TO COMPENSATE FOR TWO TYPES OF CAMERA SHAKE LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., July 22, 2009 – Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging, announced today the development of Hybrid Image Stabilizer (IS),…

New Sales, Marketing Initiative for DVi

DV Info Net Names Harms New Business Development Director New to DV Info Net, but not new to the television and film production industry, is John Harms, who will be assuming responsibilities for new business development. John has been involved…

Canon DV / HDV
XH G1 and XH A1 Camera Images, Part Two

Here are some more views of the Canon G1 and A1 camcorders, from various angles. You can click on most of these to see a bigger version which will open up in a new browser window. You might notice that the camera body color is inconsistent throughout most of these images.

Canon DV / HDV
The Watchdog’s Skinny on the Canon XH G1 & XH A1

In brief… these two new Canon XH series HDV camcorders are the latest additions to Canon’s expanding line of High Definition video cameras. The XH series twins are smaller, lighter and less expensive than Canon’s flagship XL H1 camcorder; each delivers about the same performance as the XL H1 and they are nearly identical to each other with only one very important difference.

Everything Else
RED Dawn, Part One: Ripping the Fabric of the Space – Time Continuum

Having had the privilege of meeting Jim Jannard early in the initial phase of the RED concept and getting a close look behind the scenes at RED Digital Cinema practically its start, I wanted to shed a little more light on the significance of the impact it’s going to make on the HD acquisition market as well as clear up a major misconception that has propagated online amid all the recent RED speculation flying around the internet.

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