Author Dennis Hingsberg

Dennis Hingsberg is a freelance Director of Photography, consultant, and owner/operator of the Sony F55 camera based out of Toronto experienced working on the 35mm digital video format since 2003. Dennis is also the author of the ‘Ultimate Exposure Guide for Sony F5/F55’ which unravels various exposure methods for S-Log gamma curves, standard and hyper gammas and the Sony RAW format. The guidebook also offers an in-depth look at CineEI mode, LUT/Looks, and working with Light Meters. It's available from

Sony Cine-Alta
XQD Cards for Sony F5 and F55

For those looking at alternative options to Sony’s SXS Pro Plus cards (recommended for best performance on the F5/F55) fortunately as of the October version 2.0 firmware release Sony added support for the Sony XQD memory card format. Not only…