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Sony PMW-350K Viewfinder Bracket Kit

Note: This article was originally published by Patrick McLoadand is reprinted here with his kind permission. I finally made the leap from an old Beta SP rig (Sony BVP-550) with Canon lens to the new-fangled world of High Definition and…

Tutorial: Assemble Your Own Low-Budget Light Kit, Part One

I’m a big believer in get the right tools for the job, but sometimes you just can’t afford the right tools. Here’s where ingenuity comes into play. First, where do you find cheap, or if you prefer, inexpensive, lights? Hardware stores, auto parts, store, Salvation Army stores, Goodwill, garage sales.

Post Production
Review: Final Cut Express

With the introduction of Final Cut Express, Apple is clearly aiming for the legions of dv camcorder users around the world who find iMovie too limiting, and Final Cut Pro too intimidating…

Sony DV / HDV
Tutorial: PD150 and PD170 Color Bars for Memory Sticks

I thought it would be neat to have a copy of the Full SMPTE Colorbars on the Sony Memory Stick. This would come in handy if and when my Calibar batteries die on location, and also nice to share with everyone that does not have a Calibar, but does own a PD150, VX2000, or other Memory Stick compatible camera.

Sony DV / HDV
PD150 Custom XLR Audio Mic Cable

If you own or are thinking of buying the Sony PD150, you’ll need a short XLR cable to plug the mic into the camcorder… and you will find that all pre-made store-bought short XLR cables use straight XLR connectors.

Sony DV / HDV
Review: Antarctica DV150 Protectective Rain Jacket

In January 2001, we needed to send a Sony DSR-PD150 on an expedition to the summit of Aconcagua, at over 7,000 metres, the highest mountain in the Andes. We needed protection from the environment but failed to find a suitable protective jacket on the market. The best of which fell short of our needs in terms of both protection and ergonomics, it simply rendered the camera almost unusable when fitted. The only solution was to design and produce our own.