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Art Adams

Director of photography Art Adams knew he wanted to look through cameras for a living at the age of 12. After ten years in Hollywood working on feature films, TV series, commercials, music videos, visual effects and docs he returned to his native San Francisco Bay Area, where he currently shoots commercials and high-end corporate marketing and branding projects.   When Art isn’t shooting he consults on product design and marketing for a number of motion picture equipment manufacturers. His clients have included Sony, Arri, Canon, Tiffen, Schneider Optics, PRG, Cineo Lighting, Element Labs, Sound Devices and DSC Labs.   His writing has appeared in HD Video Pro, American Cinematographer, Australian Cinematographer, Camera Operator Magazine and ProVideo Coalition. He is a current member of the International Cinematographers Guild, and a past active member of the SOC and SMPTE.

Optical Science
Moire: A Tale of Two Shirts

Two shirts, two different colors, exactly the same fabric… why does one moire and one not? The answer goes to the root of how single sensor cameras work… The CEO wanted to wear his company’s shirt during the interview. I…

A Critical Look at Cion’s New Demo Reel

Question: What is in this reel that shows me what an amazing camera the Cion is? Answer: nothing. That doesn’t mean it isn’t amazing, but if it actually is amazing their marketing department is doing its damndest to keep it…

Everything Else
How I Became… an Expert?

The answer is not as sexy as you think. It boils down to being curious, asking lots of annoying questions, and never assuming I know the real story. On a recent shoot in a distant city the data manager saw…

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