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Feature: Vinten FiberTec Tripod (1 of 5)

Strange things, video tripods: after the cameras themselves, they are quite possibly the most owned piece of video equipment on the planet. They’re indispensable for secure, stable and portable camera support but are possibly the least understood, least written about and badly described pieces of kit you’ll ever own…

Camera Support
Review: Vinten FiberTec Tripod (2 of 5)

The FiberTecs look like no other tripod I’ve ever seen. Out of the box they seem tiny, surely not capable of getting to that published maximum height of 61.5 inches/ 156 cm? Then you grab the tripod by the attached carry strap and lift – they aren’t lightweights, those 7.3 pounds/ 3.3 kilos are there all right. Pressing the yellow leg latch on the bottom of one of the first main leg sections allows the legs to be spread and a decent look to be had.

My immediate impression was of utter solidity. At the tripods lowest height setting, those nested 3-section legs offer a solid black girder appearance, with not a chink of light visible through them anywhere. When viewed standing back from the tripod, the “front on” leg appears to be massive widthways (as, indeed, it is), the other two legs, slightly more side on, offering a much slimmer profile.

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Review: Vinten FiberTec Tripod (3 of 5)

My first impression having unpacked the Spread – Loc was that it was manufactured out of Depleted Uranium – it’s so darn heavy! At two pounds (just shy of a full kilo) it seems totally Over the Top for just a simple spreader. There’s no disputing it is beautifully crafted however, and seems to be primarily composed of various types of carbon fibre..

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Review: Vinten FiberTec Tripod (4 of 5)

The rest of the system is pretty manageable on its own, and quite easy to sling over one shoulder, the camera acting as a counterbalance on the other. The only issue with the bare tripod/ head being slung “head down” is to beware when walking in public where young children are around. That video head is pretty substantial and just at the right height to kybosh a 5 year old in no uncertain fashion should there be a collision.

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Review: Vinten FiberTec Tripod (5 of 5)

My initial reservations with regard to the Spread – Loc spreader have been allayed. I still haven’t managed to figure out the engineering concepts behind their working, but work they do. Whether I’ll ever figure what gives with that lock mechanism I don’t know, but have long ceased worrying about it.

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Preview of the VariZoom DV Sportster

The VariZoom DV Sportster is a vest and articulating arm assembly which is compatible with a wide variety of camera stabilizers including the GlideCam 1000 through 4000 series, SteadiCam Jr., and the VariZoom FlowPod and UltraLite.

Camera Support
Enhancements for the SkyCrane

added 20 February 2002 Enhancements for the SkyCrane Mini-DV Camera Boom an article by Carroll F. Lam The SkyCrane is a great DV camera crane for DV videographers. I have been using one for nearly two years now. Based on…

Camera Support
The SkyCrane Mini-DV Camera Boom

added 30 August 2000 The SkyCrane Mini-DV Camera Boom an article by Bob Jones and Chris Hurd Drawing heavily on extensive experience in the Hollywood film industry and his engineering background, Bob Jones, of Costa Mesa, California has produced a…