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Review: Vinten Vision Blue

Right from the beginning, Vision Blue threw up some pretty major conundrums. On the one hand, the spec was for a system priced for amateurs and semi pro’s, which the proposed price most surely is. On the other hand, the spec was, to use a motoring analogy, like asking Rolls Royce to make a Mini at a Mini price but with all the quality and performance of a Rolls Royce. I just could not see how Vinten were going to square that circle without taking some serious liberties with something. Surely it couldn’t be done without cutting corners somewhere? So it was with an air of mild foreboding that I embarked on my investigation of the Vision Blue system.

Camera Support
Vinten Vision 3 AS Tripod (2 of 4)

Part Two: The “Perfect Balance” System. A bit of a misnomer as it’s really a “perfect counterbalance” system, but let’s not quibble. Before launching into this, a slight recap on the original V3 might be in order. The V3 uses…

Camera Support
Vinten Vision 3 AS Tripod (3 of 4)

Let’s observe the Vinten Vision 3 AS in action. Tripod Mounting / Head Levelling The tripod mount is classic Vinten, with the usual three lobed handle on the bowl clamp and substantial clamp cup. This works perfectly with any Vinten…

Camera Support
Review: Steadicam Pilot (pt. 1 of 3)

See the official Steadicam Pilot product page at When Garrett Brown was first developing the Brown Effect Stabilizer in the early 1970’s, the cameras he chose for his prototypes were then-current bantamweights like the Éclair ACL and the Arri…