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Micro 4/3
Rokinon Cine Primes

Last December I did a series of side-by-side test with a variety of lenses on my GH4: T1.9 Ultra Primes, T1.3 Mk II Super Speeds, and T2.2 Veydras, all dedicated cine primes; two T1.5 Rokinon DS cine primes, based on…

On the Color of Light, and the Measurement Thereof

In which I test several color meters (an Asensetek Lighting Passport, two Sekonics, and a Minolta) side-by-side; compare the spectral quality of various lights; and may have figured out one reason why color meters often overestimate required tint corrections. (Updated 10 March…

Everything Else
Convergent Design Odyssey7Q Owner Loyalty Program

authored by Mitch Gross, Director of Communications at Convergent Design With the introduction of the new Odyssey7Q+, Convergent Design is rewarding our Odyssey7Q clients who wish to purchase the new monitor/recorder. Under the program, current Odyssey7Q owners will receive values…

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