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NAB 2016 Thoughts

Despite being a demo-dog for DSC Labs for most of NAB, I did manage to get around and see a few new toys and/or discuss things with those who did. Herewith, a slightly disjointed tour of timely topics, plus some…

Your Future Looks Bright

With very few exception every camera on the market today and going back many years is capable of producing amazing imagery. It’s not the pixels or the “low-noise” characteristics that matter…

First Look: Veydra 85mm T2.2 Mini Prime

Veydras are cine primes designed primarily for micro four thirds cameras, though they’re also available with C- and E-mounts. I tested prototypes of the first four lenses—16mm, 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm—in December 2014; customer shipments commenced in February 2015; the…

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A Preview of Canon Expo 2015

Canon’s quinquennial conference convenes in New York on Sep. 10th & 11th 2015. “This September, the best of Canon will come together for one immersive experience in the heart of New York City. This two-day exhibition will feature Canon innovations…

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