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Business Models
My Path to iTunes and Beyond

The road to distribution for a low budget independent film is a long and winding one (to paraphrase Paul McCartney), yet we were able to get there. You can get there too, if you avoid the well placed land mines along the way.

Post Production
What’s New in VEGAS Pro 14

Here At Last And Under New Ownership The Vegas world was excited in April 2014 with the release of Vegas Pro 13 at NAB. With a typical release at NAB or IBC, everyone was waiting for an announcement in April…

Panasonic VariCam
Shooting A Dope Show

Cinematographer Charles Papert creates magic tricks with the VariCam 35 for MTV’s Mary + Jane In MTV’s new scripted series, Mary + Jane, best friends Paige and Jordan (Jessica Rothe and Scout Durwood) navigate the trials and tribulations of being…

Camera Gear
Wi-Fi WFM: Turn your iPhone into an engineering monitor

Shameless commercial message: I’ve developed a new iPhone app, Wi-Fi WFM. It takes the wireless feed from a Teradek Cube, Clip, or VidiU and displays its picture along with a waveform monitor, vectorscope, and/or histogram. Background: Teradek H.264 encoders take camera feeds and send…

Review: Lighting Passport spectrometers

Breakfast foods grow odder and odder: It’s a wise child that knows its own fodder.  — Ogden Nash, “Snap, Crackle, Pop” As with foods, so with lights: between LEDs, HMIs, plasmas, and fluorescents, it’s hard to know exactly what you’re…

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