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Tools for capturing images and sound.

Micro 4/3
NAB News: GH4 Anamorphic Update

Panasonic announced a firmware update for the GH4 to add proper anamorphic support: 3328×2496 (1.33:1) recording at 23.98, 24, 25, or 29.97 fps. 4:2:2 10-bit HDMI output for external recording. New electronic shutter speed of 1/16,000 sec. Available later this…

Panasonic AVCCAM
New Camera: Panasonic AG-DVX200

Today at NAB, Panasonic announced a new large-single-sensor 4K handheld: the AG-DXV200: Specs: 4K 60p capable, 4/3″ imager, fixed 13x Leica Dicomar lens, 5-axis stabilization, 12 stops latitude, requires UHS Speed Class 3 SD card for 4K recording, V-Log gamma…

External Recorders
New Firmware for the Odyssey 7Q+

Doin’ the HDMI-DownRes-ProRes Shuffle… Convergent Design’s Odyssey 7Q+ firmware version 5.10.100 includes the ability to take in a 2160P (4K or UHD) HDMI feed and record it as 1080P (2K or HD) ProRes. I’ve been working with a beta version…

Cinema EOS
Review: Canon Cinema EOS C100 Mark II

I’ve owned a Canon EOS C100 since January 2013. Over the past two years I’ve shot a feature film, client films, television commercials and I’m currently two years into a feature length documentary. I love that camera (if you forgive…

Micro 4/3
Rokinon Cine Primes

Last December I did a series of side-by-side test with a variety of lenses on my GH4: T1.9 Ultra Primes, T1.3 Mk II Super Speeds, and T2.2 Veydras, all dedicated cine primes; two T1.5 Rokinon DS cine primes, based on…

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