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After completing my degree in Radio-Television-Film at the University of Texas, I managed a video production studio "back in the tape days" while waiting for the digital video revolution to arrive and for the internet to become mainstream. Things started to get interesting in November of 1997 when I launched The XL1 Watchdog, my first web site dedicated to digital video technology. In January of 2001, that site morphed into DV Info Net — the Digital Video Information Network. More than fifteen years later, the longevity of DV Info Net is exceeded now only by its popularity and reputation as one of the leading technology information resources in the broadcast and professional video markets.

Show Reports
A Preview of Canon Expo 2015

Canon’s quinquennial conference convenes in New York on Sep. 10th & 11th 2015. “This September, the best of Canon will come together for one immersive experience in the heart of New York City. This two-day exhibition will feature Canon innovations…

Interview: The Sound Advice Tour with Frank Serafine

The MZed Sound Advice Tour is the latest traveling workshop is a continuing series presented by Monte Zucker – Education for Creatives (which we’ve covered here at DV Info Net before; most recently with MZed’s Illumination Experience with Shane Hurlbut).…

Canon Log and the XC10

Scott Winn and Zac Eskelsen discuss how they shot Canon Log on the XC10 with Tim Smith of Canon USA at NAB2015. Find out more about the Canon XC10 at

Canon C300 Mk. II

Paul McAniff of Canon USA shows the new Cinema EOS C300 Mk. II to Barlow Elton and DV Info Net. Learn more about the C300 Mk. II at

Shane Hurlbut’s Illumination Experience Continues…

Shane Hurlbut’s Illumination Experience cinematography education tour finally wrapped this past weekend in Los Angeles, successfully completing a three-month tour of 26 cities across the United States. If you were one of the fortunate folks who attended his Lighting Masterclass…

SilverDraft Devil & Demon

Supercomputers are super. Ted Schilowitz has been an industry mover and shaker for a very long time. He was part of the creative force behind AJA, G-Tech and RED Digital Cinema, to name a few of his career highlights. Within…

NextoDI NSB25 Data Bridge

Barry Morrill from International Supplies, the US distributor for NextoDI, describes their new NSB25 Data Bridge at NAB2014. Here are the product descriptions mentioned in this interview: The NextoDI NSB-25 Data Bridge is an expandable backup solution, designed with…

VariZoom StealthyGo

Tom McKay from VariZoom provides an overview of the new StealthyGo mutli-use camera support at NAB2014. This was an unplanned video; I happened to run into Tom McKay and Tom Smith from VariZoom outside the LVCC. I was on my…

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