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Adam Wilt is a software developer, engineering consultant, and freelance film & video tech. He’s had small jobs on big productions (PA, “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”, Dir. Robert Wise), big jobs on small productions (DP, “Maelstrom”, Dir. Rob Nilsson), and has worked camera, sound, vfx, and editing gigs on shorts, PSAs, docs, music vids, and indie features. He started his website on the DV format,, about the same time Chris Hurd created the XL1 Watchdog, and participated in‘s 2006 “Texas Shootout.” He has written for DV Magazine and, taught courses at DV Expo, and given presentations at NAB, IBC, and Cine Gear Expo. When he’s not doing contract engineering or working on apps like Cine Meter II, he’s probably exploring new cameras, just because cameras are fun.

Show Reports
NAB 2015: Odds ‘n’ Ends

Just a few bits ‘n’ pieces I saw at NAB, in between working a booth and running to meetings… This is as close as I ever got to this Canon XC10, an oddball little camera that drew crowds in inverse…

NAB 2015: SmallHD monitor / EVF

SmallHD always has something interesting to show: last year it was the DP7 7″ monitor with built-in LUT generation; this year it was the 502, a 5″ 1920×1080 monitor that converts to the Sidefinder EVF (tap any picture for a larger image):…

Micro 4/3
NAB News: GH4 Anamorphic Update

Panasonic announced a firmware update for the GH4 to add proper anamorphic support: 3328×2496 (1.33:1) recording at 23.98, 24, 25, or 29.97 fps. 4:2:2 10-bit HDMI output for external recording. New electronic shutter speed of 1/16,000 sec. Available later this…

Panasonic AVCCAM
New Camera: Panasonic AG-DVX200

Today at NAB, Panasonic announced a new large-single-sensor 4K handheld: the AG-DXV200: Specs: 4K 60p capable, 4/3″ imager, fixed 13x Leica Dicomar lens, 5-axis stabilization, 12 stops latitude, requires UHS Speed Class 3 SD card for 4K recording, V-Log gamma…

External Recorders
New Firmware for the Odyssey 7Q+

Doin’ the HDMI-DownRes-ProRes Shuffle… Convergent Design’s Odyssey 7Q+ firmware version 5.10.100 includes the ability to take in a 2160P (4K or UHD) HDMI feed and record it as 1080P (2K or HD) ProRes. I’ve been working with a beta version…

Micro 4/3
Rokinon Cine Primes

Last December I did a series of side-by-side test with a variety of lenses on my GH4: T1.9 Ultra Primes, T1.3 Mk II Super Speeds, and T2.2 Veydras, all dedicated cine primes; two T1.5 Rokinon DS cine primes, based on…

On the Color of Light, and the Measurement Thereof

In which I test several color meters (an Asensetek Lighting Passport, two Sekonics, and a Minolta) side-by-side; compare the spectral quality of various lights; and may have figured out one reason why color meters often overestimate required tint corrections. (Updated 10 March…

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